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Frequently Asked Questions

In Virginia, there are standards for how much each window can be tinted, and how reflective the tint can be. VA tint laws vary depending on your type of vehicle and the windows that will be tinted.
Click here to view the Virginia tint laws, according to

Prices range depending on the type of vehicle and tint preferences. All installations include a nationwide, lifetime warranty.

  • 99% ultraviolet (UV) rejection
  • Significantly reduced solar heat build-up
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced heat loss in the winter by reflecting internal heat
  • Glare reduction
  • Daytime privacy
  • >Attractive accent to home, business, and vehicle windows
  • Reduced fabric, textile, and wood deterioration
  • Reduced exposure to UV radiation, which has been linked to skin cancer

  • The average vehicle takes between 2 and 3 hours
  • Most homes can be completed in one day
  • Commercial building installations vary by building size and scope of work; however the job can be completed with minimal disturbance to building occupants
  • It depends on your window measurements and film selection. Please call for a free estimate.

    Use a soft clean cloth or soft paper towel, with a mild soap and water solution.

    If using glass cleaner, make sure it is AMMONIA FREE.

    Note: Your new film takes up to 3 weeks to fully cure. You should wait the specified time to clean the inside surface of your windows after the film is applied to ensure proper boding. You may see some haze or condensation during this period.

    Window films installed on glass rejects up to 99% of solar ultraviolet (UV) light, while providing significant fade protection for furniture, carpet, artwork, wood, draperies, etc.

    Window film does not effect the defrost function in the back window.

    Window film can reduce the possibility of injury caused by broken glass by keeping shattered glass in one piece.

    Llumar was developed by CPFilms Inc. in Martinsville, VA and is the largest manufacturer of window films in the world, using the same advanced, patented technology used in space to protect astronauts from the harmful effects of the sun.

    With proper installation by a trained Llumar dealer, your window film will last for a lifetime! Llumar is so sure that their film won't peel, bubble or crack that they back their product with the best warranty in the business.

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