Benefits of Car Tinting

Benefits of Car Tinting: Advice from Your Car Tint Shop in Sterling, VA

Have you considered getting your car windows tinted? Car window films are both a beautiful and practical addition to any car and have a lot of benefits. As a car tint shop in Sterling, VA, we love helping our customers understand the benefits of car tinting and choose the perfect film for their vehicle. Here is our guide to the many benefits of car tinting:


Window films gives any car a sleek, sporty look, making it perfect for car enthusiasts who are looking to upgrade their vehicle’s style. With a variety of colors and shades of darkness (which obeys VA tint laws), you can choose the perfect film that will give you the great look you want. Our car tint shop in Sterling, VA can help you choose a window film for your vehicle that will give you a unique, beautiful appearance. We apply Llumar window films, the highest quality car window films available.

Cooler Interior Temperature

Window tinting blocks a lot of sunlight from entering your car, which keeps your interior temperature cooler. Depending on your shade and darkness of your film, your car’s interior can become significantly cooler than it is without window tint. A cooler car will ensure you stay comfortable during the hot summer months. This can be especially helpful if you face a long daily commute with plenty of stop-and-go traffic, and/or have malfunctioning A/C in the car.

Reduced Glare & UV Rays

Not only does window film’s ability to keep out the sun make your car’s interior cooler, but it also reduces glare while driving and prevents harmful UV rays. There is not much worse than struggling to see with the setting sun beaming in through your car windows. This blinding glare may even increase your risk of an accident. Window film also blocks out 99% of ultraviolet rays, which can be harmful to our skin, especially for people who have long commutes or travel a lot for work.


Did you know that car window film can actually help keep you and your passengers safe while driving? Window film helps prevent your windows from shattering in multiple pieces in the event of a crash or damage. This may save the lives of you and your passengers. At VA Tint, your local car tint shop in Sterling VA, we always ensure we apply the window film properly to ensure your passengers are best protected on the road.

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When it comes to auto tint, you need a professional job that not only looks great, but is installed properly to ensure you receive all the great benefits of tint. VA Tint is a car tint shop in Sterling, VA that offers automotive, commercial, and residential window films. With over 20 years of experience, our tint experts will help you choose a beautiful film that helps keep your car cooler, protects your passengers, and upgrades your vehicle’s style. You can count on us to complete your film application correctly the first time, with beautiful, long-lasting results. Looking for a car tint shop in Sterling, VA? Contact VA Tint to schedule your tint job!